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Gardener Post Mortem

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The technology behind This Ludum Dare I only could spend one day for making a game and I wanted to try out a new technology (HaxePunk). Usually that’s not a good idea for a time restricted jam, especially with restricting oneself even further. Working with a new language and library worked surprisingly well. Tuning down […]

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Gardener in Minimalism Spring

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Important hint: There is sound in this game. In case you have an open window close to you, you will maybe miss it because you think that are the birds outside… and in the game! Made within 48 hours for Ludum Dare 26. You can vote here, if you’ve also participated.

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Bottlecolonies – A post mortem

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— This is a cross-post from the Ludum Dare Compo page — So finally I’ve found some time to write up my impressions of the past Ludum Dare event. As ever it was a big pleasure to participate and I’m really impressed with the sheer amount of games being made and the overall quality which […]

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