Next Idea Dump

This is an idea I had today: Add some special action to the game that the player can use only once a play.

  • Bribe opposition leader
  • False Flag operation in city
  • Offer concessions

Most probably I’ll get some more ideas for that. I plan to start programming this wekend and will keep you updated.

Basic Ideas for The New Game

Instead of writing my ideas on different sheets of paper, which I tend to mess up anyway, I’m going to use this blog to dump my ideas. Maybe this will cause some feedback in the early sketching phase. Don’t expect the most eloberated blog post here. Just lists.

Basic concept:

  • Political topic
  • Manage governmental decisions of a modern country at the start of uprising/revolution
  • Black/Red/White colour palette
  • Turn based
  • Interact with the main cities of your country
  • Some transparent and some important hidden statistics
  • No randomization
  • One round equals one week
  • Different endings
  • Population can flee to other cities or countries
  • Python with pygame as the tools to make the prototype
  • Self recorded music (Punk Rock or similar)

Stuff to do in game and consequences:

  • Reinforce police in city; threshold to cause denial and uprising
  • Withdraw police; threshold depending on different statistics if approval will rise or uprising spreads
  • Declare state of emergency in city; may increase violence in uprising in other cities – prevents population from fleeing the city – massive impact on denial/approval
  • Close the borders; prevents population from fleeing your country
  • Talk to protesters; may calm population down / raise approval – politicians could be attacked or even taken hostage

These are the basic ideas so far. Feel free to add some suggestions in the comments.

Five Months Break – What’s Going On?

Opposite to my plans, I didn’t continue my game development projects the last five months. Instead, my gamedev ambitions almost completely ceased during the course of last year. So with this blog post I want to give some insight on what has been going on and what I’m planning to do this year regarding my gamedev ambitions.

The initial momentum of 2013

After a pretty succesful 2012 with my game development projects, I was quite motivated to contribute to the OneGameAMonth idea. I was convinced that trying to make a game a month would not only amplify my game development skills but also keep me motivated to keep on making games throughout the year.

The opposite was the case. Continue reading “Five Months Break – What’s Going On?”