No Coding – Progress on Paper

I totally lack the motivation to code any more today in the evening after coding at work for a research project today.

So I took a pen to make some sketches for the buildings to construct in the game.

GrowStructSketchRegarding the game mechanics, I made some notes. There will be the sketched five types of buildings:

  1. Planter for trees (uses energy to make new trees)
  2. Powerplant (makes energy by consuming water and air)
  3. Dehydrator (makes water from air)
  4. Extractor (makes air from soil)
  5. Thickener (makes soil from water)

The goal is to balance your ressources by constructing those buildings. The trees will also have an influence on the ressources.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Implemented randomized growing of trees
  • Make pixel art sprites for the buildings
  • Add leaves to the trees

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