Can I Finish in Time?

Progress on this project is coming along really slow. I have to admit that it takes some time to get into a whole different language (Haxe) with my second project with HaxePunk. This, in combination with other time restrictions (work), makes me doubt if I can finish this game within May. I really hope to implement the basic mechanics to try it out.

Nevertheless, here is a screenshot of the extended tree generator. I only have too add some leaf (circles) and then I can get to the game logic and interaction.


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  1. Awesome game, well polished. I elcpeiasly like the cat hanging out in the background, plus the bellyflopping hamster jump. I couldn’t tell with a casual look: What is the artwork? Is that all pre-rendered bitmaps, bitmaps rendered and cached at runtime, or are you pushing vector flash shapes around? I’ve been playing with NME entirely with bitmaps and am curious in the back of my mind how difficult it is to import and manipulate vector shapes. Thx!

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