The game Bottlecolonies was initially made for the 23rd Ludum Dare contest within 48 hours. You can find the original version here (Zipped Windows executable – 9.4 mb) and take a look at the Ludum Dare page for this game here.

This game is sort of a strategy puzzle game. By placing different tiles, which give points for synergies, on a 8×8 grid you try to get a highscore. All art is hand drawn on paper and the soundtrack and sound effects are handmade with an acoustic guitar.

After the contest I decided to expand and improve the game given the very positive and constructive comments and advice for improvement on this game. At this page you can find the actual beta version of the post-compo version of Bottlecolonies. Expect regular updates until the final version.

The plan is to make this a totally free game for Windows and Linux (probably even Mac) PCs. Maybe later I will port the game to mobile.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Download Beta-Version 1.02 (Windows – 12.1 mb)

Download Beta-Version 1.02 (Linux/source – 8.5 mb)

(Linux: start


V 1.03:

  • Add: new level plus one bonus level after completion of new level
  • Change: ported to Python 3
  • Fix: bug with newer pygame version where int for scaling a sprite is expected

V 1.02:

  • Add: menu click sound
  • Add: third music track
  • Change: half-size font for version in start screen
  • Change: esc in game returns to start screen
  • Change: subfolder for assets is build dependend (source/win/linux)

V 1.01:

  • Add: +1 bonus point if a building is placed next to any park
  • Change: -6 point for discarding a tile
  • Add: second music track
  • Add: new map, selectable as level 3. The old level 3 is hidden behind level 2. If you beat level 2 you automatically will play the old level 3 next.
  • Change: goal scores for prosperous colonies changed for new bonus points
  • Change: subfolder for assets
  • Add: elliptic marker where next tile will be placed
  • Add: version number on start screen (font yet too big)


11 Replies to “Bottlecolonies”

  1. Hello !
    I’ve player this great game via LudumDare.
    I have make a clone in Flash AS3, with random stage dimensions, random obstacles and random “series” of tiles for each round, for fun & education 🙂
    are you interested for see this ?

  2. Thanks – fun game – I played it o my Raspberry Pi.
    The screen resolution numbers are getting turned into floats and not working. (line 24 – I think – in I had to change them to integers with int() to get the game to run.

    1. Thanks for trying it out. The bug appeared with the new debian wheezy (aka raspbian). Before that it went fine. I’ve not yet implemented the fix in the actual release. Thanks for mentioning it.

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