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Today, I would like to add something new to this blog, by giving you recommendations for two podcasts. One is a German one, hence the translated version of this article below, and the other one is published in English.

Recently, I have been listening a lot to podcasts while working or playing on the computer. To me it often has an inspiring effect listening to a well made podcast with interesting topics while doing some other taks at the same time. Both of the podcast shine with good quality in every issue as well as interesting topics most of the times.

The first one, Three Moves Ahead, is a must-listen if you are interested in strategy games of any sort, be it video or board games. At least weekly a new issue dicusses actual or old games with a focus on all relevant aspects of the genre. Casual strategy games as wells as the grand strategy and hardcore games you would find at publishers and developers such as Matrix or Slitherine are equally served as topics. My full recommendation for this podcast, which you can find here:

Three Moves Ahead

The podcast mentioned above will eventually handle some tanks, Panzer in German, in games quite regularly. This leads me to the second recommendation, the German podcast Insert Moin. If you would like to listen to some competent German folks talking about video and board games of every possible genre, this is the right place for you to listen. The podcast is published daily from Monday to Friday and one of the three hosts will usually invite at least one guest that is sort of an expert in the regarding topic. It offers high quality and interesting topics often besides mainstream. Additionally, the hint of humour to be find in the issues makes this podcast worth to listen. The current issue, that could be titled “Achtung Panzer”, which is about the Xbox version of World of Tanks, can be found here:

Insert Moin – “Achtung Panzer”

German translation:

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