Ruleofindiegames – Compilation

@dogbomb started this on twitter (#ruleofindiegames) and these rules are just true (with a wink) and important to save somewhere. So I decided to make this compilation. Will be updated in the future.

  1. you must talk about indiegames. (@dogbomb)
  2. you MUST talk about indiegames. Seriously (@dogbomb)
  3. The indie game takes as long as it needs (@elkoino)
  4. If you build it. They will come. Then they will build something similar.(@dogbomb)
  5. Everyone will try. But few will succeed (@elkoino)
  6. Keep going, just keep going (@elkoino)
  7. Making money isn’t a bad thing. (@dogbomb)
  8. Actually being able to eat and pay rent is usually seen as a positive. (@lefishy)
  9. It doesn’t HAVE to be on Steam/Desura/XBLIG/Etc to be successful… it does however, need YOU. (@dogbomb)
  10. Make games you want to play. There will be others like you. (@dogbomb)
  11. Make games not engines (@elcoino)
  12. You want this to be your job? Treat it like a job! Set times to work and stick to it. (@dogbomb)
  13. The best way to learn the skillset is to attend competitions and game jams. Do it (@elcoino)
  14. Don’t try to copy success stories, make your own (@elcoino)
  15. OBEY THE TENTH RULE!!! And don’t spend your day on tweeter, it helps =] (@jiem_)
  16. Do collaborate. There is always awesome people around who want to do awesome things (@elcoino)
  17. People WILL kick you in the teeth and scar your hard work. Keep smiling. Missing teeth and scars are cool. (@dogbomb)
  18. There is ALWAYS something to learn. Never close your eyes, your ears or your mind. (@dogbomb)
  19. Developing indie games is 90% hard work. Polish is the other 90% (@elcoino)
  20. Play less games for inspiration. Go outside. Visit art galleries. Watch movies. Talk to people. Seek original. (@dogbomb)
  21. Don’t be afraid of failure. A failed attempt is better than no attempt at all – and you will overcome it by learning. (@dogbomb)
  22. – missing –
  23. When looking for honest feedback on your game, look outside of your sycophantic friends and family circle. They suck. (@dogbomb)
  24. If you blame your tools then YOU are the tool. If your tools are bad: change tools, you tool! (@dogbomb)
  25. Yes, you ARE awesome and know everything there is to know about everything… but you’re still allowed to ask for help (@dogbomb)
  26. Go to global game jam if you can. Meet people, collaborate, make awesome games, learn a ton (@elcoino)

(Additional important rule: 0.  not to listen to gits trying to tell you what the rules are – @DarkAcreJack)

More most probably to come…